spiritual migration

Candidamente 2019 - hand made dress out of hemp linen, a poem from E&E’s wedding & Italy.

I guess you could call this a journey and I feel the need to explain myself. I have always been a “spiritual” person; I believe in ghosts, an afterlife, in Most Haunted. I have been seeing a medium a clairvoyant if you will for the last 5 or 6 years. I first went because my mum told me to go after I quit my first uni and at the time I felt very sad and a lost. After coming out I felt a sense of euphoria - imagine going to a therapist and they know exactly how you feel without you saying anything and they know what happened without you saying anything. A few ghosties came through - Grandparents, a girl I knew from my second high school who died in a car crash. It was in fact the girl who told me to GET ON WITH IT and HAVE FUN, because you have one life.

After a few times of seeing the lovely medium lady I came in to see her the next and she told me that before I came in she could hear Italian music playing. I think my Mum my sister and I had been or soon to visit Venice. She then told me that everyone has a spirit guide; mine was coming through and he so happened to be an Italian painter. He was from the mountains, with rivers and trees. He lived in a yellow house with green shutters and his name in the spirit world was Remi. I asked her about contacting spirits and she said for me the best way would be that I would feel a pressure on my neck. She said that it wouldn’t be uncommon if I lived in Italy or felt a connection there as he is a strong guide and will want you to go.

Long story short, my mother and I have moved to Italy. We live in a yellow house with green shutters. I have received guidance through spirits and have I believe made a landmark on my “spiritual journey”. The house we have moved into was left with the previous owners stuff, including photos, letters and even a treasure map which looks honestly 200 years old. The family itself; as much as we know of is absolutely fascinating. The Grandparents of the owner stand proudly in most rooms, their names Eleonora and Ermindo Marchi. I love them, I adore them, I feel their protection and her love of the garden. There is a certain love that eminates from this house and my mother and I can sense it. The house itself dates back to the 1500’s, it even has it’s own mule path and a loom. The name of the house resides on the road, an area between two villages. Canapali - which translates to Hemp. It is what they used to grow here in this part of Italy for its many uses and linen being one of them of which we have sheets and sheets (also we think a lot of the linen was made on the loom inside the house.) Most of them are embroidered in EM or EB for Eleonora.

We are restoring this house which has laid empty for about 10 years. It is love going into it and love we are receiving out of it. The garden is my favourite task and my Mum is really into her paints and the heating system at the moment. I feel a great connection to the house and to the path of which it has come from and ruminated from.

I have had a 2 year dry spell after uni making art - and this has helped me to come alive again and not be so self conscious, scared and low in confidence. I think it is important sharing that because it happens to everyone and not many people share experiences like that.

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